by Peter Doran

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Debut album from Irish songwriter Peter Doran


released September 1, 2006

Recorded @ Veebee studios Mullingar, Co. Westmeath, Ireland.

Produced by Vinny Baker & Peter Doran.
Mastered by Bob Katz @ Digital Domain, Florida.
Artwork by Gary Baker

Musicians :
Peter Doran, Barry Coyle, Cani Bruton, Paul McGinty, Gerard Toal, Johnny Owens, Vinny Baker



all rights reserved


Peter Doran

Soulful Folk-Pop from Ireland.

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Track Name: scenic route
Scenic Route

All the keys have been handed out already
and all the doors are locked so very tightly
and I waste my time by knocking so politely
but I won't hide in fear in times of heavy lightning

I'll be fine if I stay close to the ground
and I'll be fine if I never make a sound
and I'll be warmer if I stay close to the truth
and I'll see so much more if I take the scenic route

Inside I can smell a mighty feast
I sit cross-legged like some kind of beast
all the signs point in the wrong direction
and there's no cure known for my infection
Track Name: treasure chest
Treasure Chest

It was so dark when I left our bed
it was so dark I should have stayed instead
instead of racing off to catch a big fat plane
and I should have stayed with you and fought back the rain
It was so bright when we touched down
I was sure I'd melt when we hit the ground

Have you seen this woman, have you seen this woman I know best
have you seen her shining like a treasure chest

You could not crack the drug open, you could not break it's shell
the sun is beating down on us and all is very well
you are all fine people, but you're no good to me
so stop your smiling and halt your festivities

Have you seen this woman, have you seen this woman I know best
have you seen her shining like a treasure chest

I could not sleep a wink
I could not hold my drink
I could not sleep a wink on my own

I did a crazy dance, and it went like this.
Track Name: ten thousand bees
Ten Thousand Bees

Show me a God that I can fall before
one not false and rotten at the core
teach me the sacred prayer worth screaming out
walk me on a path not so laced with doubt

Is there a belief that might help me sleep
peacefully among the rapists and the thiefs
the hunger for power is making me sour and frail
the needing to succeed is making my eyes bleed and fail

He's driving me so hard to be
he's whipping me with expertise
he's starving me to fuel my greed
hes stinging me with ten thousand bees

what is the motive that stirring the motion in me?
forcing me forward get down on your hands and your knees
like a fish in a shoal of sin I swim with my mind on the bait
knowing in my mind that it's all too big to take too fake
Track Name: wood

Beat me when you're angry
hold me when you're low
use me when it suits you and you've noone else to hold
I am there when you're feeling profound
I am there when you've lost all feeling
I am there when you're searching for a meaning
I am there when you feel like screaming

But on my own I am but Wood
on my own I am dumb

Bash me when it needs be
you'll expose you're soul
I will watch you open up
I wil see you fold
Push your feelings inside me
ensure they're sitting comfortably
you think all you do is poetry I wish I didn't need you to be

But I am easily burned, I am easily turned
i am easly burned, I am easily turned without you

On my own I am but wood
Track Name: starting line
Starting line

Gasping for air, in a room full of tears
whispers of death in everybody's ears
in a bed lies a body, it's tired and grey
in that body hides a light and it's fading away

does it kill you to know no matter how hard that you try
does it break your heart when you're sent back to the starting line?

Everybody's praying for a peacefull passing
everybody here was told that life ain't ever lasting
all systems failing there's a banshee wailing
your ship is sailing to the otherside

does it kill you to know no matter how hard that you try
does it break your heart when you're sent back to the starting line?

Leave now you must , find a new home free from dust
keep on running with your fire, don't you know you've got to burn?

Where to now where to now?
Into your own space, settle down into a black hole
Track Name: asleep

I will hide and you will come and find me
some days you don't seem to come and look
as I run I pray you'll run much faster than I

You say you're too old for hide and seek
and all the year's have left you weak
you don't have the energy to pace my little streets
I'm wide awake you're fast asleep

I will fall and you will rush to catch me
but some days to your spot you're so firmly stuck
As I sink I pray you'll swim much faster than I
Track Name: loose

the beast sits cross legged with hammer and chisel
he's tapping away at your little ribcage
there is escape in his veins and sooner or later he'll break those chains
He is the red in your eye that keeps you from weeping
he is the thorn in your side that keeps you from sleeping

The beast down on two knees with rusting old scalpel
he's carving his name into your breast-plate.
He leaves the poison on your sleeping tongue
and when you awake you'll shoot the venom

You're writing your book but the story keeps chaninging
nobody dying and nobody ageing.
You're the worst buddhist that I've ever seen
If I could just slip myself into your dream

Set the Fucker Loose.
Track Name: mr. giant
Mr Giant

Step on me Mr Giant please
I once thought that she was lying
feel the pain when she's beside them
another fire on a summer's day
You screamed that I did not trust you
then you cried and said I must do
don't you know that I could never sin
I sat you down and made you list out
explain clearly and account for
everyone that you spoke with today

Step on me Mr Giant please
Pull me under raging sea
pull me under and you'll set her free

Fall on me falling love
there is nothing waiting up above
Stick around undying patience
stick around and I will come around
Target me with your forgiveness
target me and shoot me dead
but in the mean time

Step on me Mr Giant please
Pull me under raging sea
pull me under and you'll set her free
Swallow me noisy city
swallow me hungry city yeah
swallow me dying city yeah
Ignore me pretty lady
I've been talking no sense lately
Step on me Mr Giant please

Call all your giant friends and have them all come by
feast on my blood until my corpse run dry
Be still my love it's almost over
cos today the giants killed the Ogre
Track Name: blue snow
Blue Snow

It's hard to find the glow when you're walking in Blue Snow
and it doesn't matter what you sow because nothing ever seems to grow here
and all the stones you used to throw
my friends keeps for spare eyes
and every wind that blows is just a vessel for your lies

Your whispers said I'll always be warm
and that love this strong will never be torn
your loving arms will never let go
and then you just leave me to die in your snow

You're an old rag doll, and stinking of alcohol
you got no place to fall and noone to call out to
But you'll get home soon, by the light of the moon
keep singing your tune and they will listen
Track Name: rain

I don't know what scares me more
is it consistancey or change
Should I leave it well enough alone
or try to rearrange?
Should I leave it in the lap of my God
and hope that he sends me a sign?
Don't you know you are fine my child
don't you know that you are mine?

I can't stop the rain falling
I don't know if I'm losing it all
I've got the feeling I'm ignorant of bliss
What made me think I had a say in all this?

Should I up and leave this land
should I lay down my hands?
Should I drown here gracefully
or build my castles in the sand?
And if I go do you promise me
you'll be there for every sunset
you'll be there for every sunrise
'till one of us lies cold
Track Name: filling spaces
Filling Spaces

All it is, is filling spaces
searching out your, all of your ancient hiding places
All it is is funny faces,
all it is , is filling spaces
All it is , is being human,
take the grey away and illuminate
all it is, is setting yourself free
all it is, is how we come to be

But when did it become so damn important?
When did it just rule my mind
The light has passed just like we prayed it might
So let's rub sticks and set the fire light

All it is, is being warmer
all it is, is being closer to you
all it is, is breathing for her
all it is, is climbing higher and higher
Track Name: o god o man
O God O man

The night's gained one more star
I've gained one more scar
i think it's fair to say I've lost this fight
You can't always win, you thought me that
But you never showed me how to lose

O God O man
What does it mean?

Lie in bed 'til noon,
sing a happy tune,
It's far happier than this.
Who will keep us warm,
In this dark dark storm
who's gonna be our light?

O God O man
What does it mean?